Why Are These Big Tree Roaches Comin in My House All of a Sudden?

My house is rather clean, but not perfect. i dont leave food out, i have a dog & a cat but i doubt they are attractin the roaches. what can i do to get rid of them permanently?

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  1. James M Says:

    I take it these are the tree roaches that live in Palm trees or Coconut trees. Those can adapt to house living.

    Take a look around your property. There is a circular poison product made by Monsanto that encircles the tree base and rids of the roach problem. Those are available at farm supply houses costing about $4 per applicator which serves one large tree. You will need to rid of them outside near your residence to be sucessful in your endeavor.

    On the inside roach infestation, those are controlled easily with a Household spray from a gallon container from Lowes or Home Depot costing about $15 and applied twice per week. Keep it up for a month. That is Pyrytheren, in there , a nerve agent that kills insects and is harmless to humans so it is very safe to use.

    I dont think roach traps are much good for these tree roaches, ive tried those and they didnt work for me.

    Basically, rid of them outside first and then rid in the house.

  2. Annoyed Says:

    Call an exterminator. Roaches carry disease.

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