I Found a 1 Cockroach in My Bathroom Does That Mean Theres More?

My mother in law came to stay with us and 1 wk after she left I found a cockroach in my bathroom. Does that mean there’s more. Also the room she stayed in is right by the bathroom and where she was at before staying with us is infested with cockroaches. What do I do?

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  1. stormgale89 Says:

    bring in the exterminators and see what they have to say, cause they’ll know if it’s just one that was in her luggage or your getting a infestation, but do it fast, the longer you wait, the worst it’s gonna get.

  2. defication! Says:

    well roches give osprings like crazy! idk what the # is but i think its in the thousands so if u saw one theres a big chance there are many

    now if u dont want roches (who does) buy bug bombs depending on how big ur house is and FOLLOW THERE INSTRUCTION! besides that the only thing u can really do is just step on them which if u noticed doesnt really help -_-"

  3. strudlecake Says:

    there are probably more

  4. Bennie Says:

    I would call a exterminator. If you saw one roach, you are now infested, like it or not. If, and when the exterminator rids you of the roaches, if it is possible, send your mother in law the bill. Shs should have been more consiterate then to infest you the way she did. I am soooooo sorry for you. I hope you get rid of those filthy insects!

  5. Taffy18 Says:

    most likely yes

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