How to Kill Roaches in the My Car?

there’s roaches in my car and i want to kill them help please.
p.s. they’re usually hiding.

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  1. Catgut Says:

    Don’t use a bug bomb. That stuff is so toxic and you will be sitting in the residue afterward unless you are going to clean every surface in the car…and if you have roaches in your car I’m guessing you aren’t the kind of guy who things cleaning every surface of his car is a good way to spend his time.

    The less toxic options offered by other posters are very effective. Or, you could simply leave traps around in the car overnight and replace them every few days until you aren’t catching any more of the buggers.

  2. HelpNeeded Says:

    ofcourse they would be hiding. Get a roach repellant or roach killer spray in walmart and spray in the corners where you think they are hiding- and clean your car first !! raoches like food and unclean places and that’s why they are breeding in your car

  3. Ichiro Fuma Says:

    Burn your car. Mwahahahaha

    Really though, I’m not sure. Maybe one of those bug bomb things with the windows up and let to air out after a couple of days. Then wash everything.

  4. Gray Hawk Says:

    Set off a bug bomb in your car, it works like a charm.

  5. pescador Says:

    DE diatamaceous earth ,white powder completely non toxic works by sucking the moisture from their bodies leaving only the Exoskeleton can be sprinkled on pets food to eliminate parasites.Can be bought at farm and ranch store or even a pool supply because it is often used as a filter media

  6. consumerismsux Says:

    The same way as kill them anywhere else. What other instructions do you need?

  7. ronald n Says:

    i use boric acid it works good

  8. rowlfe Says:

    You need a two prong attack here. There are simply too many places the little beasties can hide. The bug bomb will get the exposed ones, but the eggs are going to hatch in a few days and you need the second prong, bait of some sort to kill off the next brood. You may have to repeat the bug bomb every few days for several weeks. The problem is the car is not airtight enough to get all the places they might be hiding, and there is so much they can use for food, there is no guarantee they will eat the poisoned bait. When you use the bug bomb, "tent" your car exactly like they do when they do the same kind of fumigation with a house. You want to contain the insecticide so it gets into as much of the interior openings as you can, which is what the tent will do for you.

  9. Rich H Says:

    You don’t have to use any chemicals. Just clean your car! The only reason you have roaches is because there is food there to sustain them. 1st.- vacuum out your car very well. Get in between the seats where the chips, fries, and pieces of chicken have fallen. 2ND- Stop eating in your car. Your bringing in food. No food/ no roaches!

  10. atexx2 Says:

    set off some bombs, and spray peppermint oil under the seats, before you spray it on any upholstery spray a little spot to make sure that it will not stain stuff.

  11. bornagainbrat Says:

    get Combat trays in the same isle as the spray. Put a few in your car. What it does is keeps them from breeding and trust me they work. And its a lot more pleasant then pesticide smell in your car.

  12. Rex K Says:

    Ever hear of Thelma & worked for them.l. On the other hand be Happy..Perhaps you have a one & Only Roach Coach.

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