How Do I Kill Roaches Without Using Toxic Chemicals?

I’m currently pregnant and since summer has begun, I have had a massive infestation of roaches in my home! I’ve had to skip on Exterminator treatments because of the harmful chemicals used to treat these pests.

What are some great ways to get rid of these German Cockroaches without using toxic chemicals? Are there any natural fruits, leaves, treatments that can act as repellents or pest-killers?

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  1. robin Says:

    Roaches are real hard to get rid of. They are one ot the oldest species known and we are talking thousands of years. Get hold of your exterminator and ask if they have a non-harmful treatment to use (without chemicals). They just may have since everyone is thinking "Green". Food /scraps/garbage attracts them, especially around the stove and fridge and behind. They lay eggs near their nest and those are the culprits. They also love this hot/humid weather and more are seen at this time. To combat keep the floor clean and counters in the kitchen. Stove burners are another food source as food spills down there. i’ve given you a few ideas; good luck!

  2. adamantâ„¢ Says:

    You can use a melee weapon, preferably a hammer or a shoe.

  3. Jordan Smith Says:

    No, generally cockroaches are extremely resilient. The only way to successfully eradicate them is to fumigate. I would suggest finding a hotel or a friend’s house to stay at while it is being done. Even singling out cockroaches and stomping on them, etc, is not a good way to kill them.

  4. mildred f Says:

    Use a homemade mixture of dry boric acid and flour. Blow that under cabinets with a hairdryer. Slow but effective. Mostly flour to attract them. Bugs seems to like flour more than sugar.

  5. emgee Says:

    Stand there and swat them with your hand.

  6. mitty Says:

    Glue traps

  7. Radiator_88 Says:

    Bring in two or three hundred spiders, they’ll gobble em up.

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