How Do I Get Rid of the Smell of Roaches From My Kitchen Cupboards?

i got rid of the roaches but the smell persists!!!

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  1. DANIEL K Says:


    I know only too well your dilemma, been a landlord for years.

    OK, keep in mind the roaches were not only In the cabinets but under, behind, above, plus under the stove, fridge, and just about anywhere they could squeeze…

    So, you cannot possibly get to all their areas…but, you can deodorize, good deodorizers can be found at a carpet cleaning supplier… (just check your local yellow pages). By liberally applying the deodorizer you will relieve some of the roachy odor but some will linger that only time will eventually heal…

    In the mean time…. you can get some scented candles… if you do not to light them then get a few and just leave ’em out, think of one of those candle shops you may have visited and how the air simply reeked of scents…..better than roach.

    Leave the windows open as long as possible and let good ole mother nature do her thing…. that air really does help!

    Best of luck, and keep some roach traps or bait out at all times; them eggs just keep hatching for awhile.

  2. kayanbean24 Says:

    use bleach…………… wash ur cupboards out

  3. Kathy A Says:

    Wash with bleach or ammonia…leave the cupboards OPEN to dry and circulate air…then put in some soda boxes (like for the fridge) or some charcoal brickets (in something that won’t get the cupboards dirty, but left open for them to pick up the odor)
    Or if you like (aren’t allergic…) use some cedar blocks or balls ( like you’d use for closets)

  4. Takkun Says:


  5. Screaming Daisy Says:

    Congrats on getting rid of the roaches! Use a mixture of water and bleach.

  6. sillysillygramma Says:

    I’m assuming the odor has a strong amonia smell. You can spray alcohol, or saturate a rag with it. Ther’s a product on the pet isle called Urine out. If not that brand, I’m sure ther’s something similar. It may take a while to go away completly. Lemon or lime juice in a small bowl placed in the cabinets helps, as well as baking soda. I put a FEW moth balls around the area as well. When you’re not at home, leave the cabinet doors open to airout. I’ve been there,had them, hate them! Good luck!

  7. four_million_square_feet Says:

    That’s disgusting! I would say move out because they are probably everywhere.

  8. Julie D. Says:

    Try the bleach then if the bleach leaves a smell sprinkle baking soda on the shelves. Or try the baking soda & cover with the shelving grip stuff the baking soda wont hurt ne thing & absorbes oders. I bleach every thing but it does leave its own arroma.

  9. angey98 Says:

    Use some baking soda, put some in each corner and leave the box there also for a couple of days, it works wonders, Even with pet smells

  10. risla Says:

    Try to get rid of the cockroaches by using pest control.

    You can also get a house lizard, they are natural enemies and will eat them.

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